Party at Yours?


The Moo Bar

A vintage horse-box trailer renovated into a stylish, modern mobile bar.

Equipped with fridges to keep our drinks cool, a freezer to keep the ice crisp
and a barista coffee machine if you need that "wake me up!" boost.


Bringing The Moo Bar to You


The Moo Bar :-
(from the team at the old colfin creamery).

We have 3 hire options to make your event a memorable one:

1. A Cash Bar - we come to your event, set up our bar & your guests pay for their drinks themselves by CASH payment.

2. A Host Bar - you can put a 'bar tab' behind the bar and your guests can enjoy a drink on you - when the tab is met then the bar becomes A Guest Bar again (option 1).

3. An Open Bar - if you're feeling particularly generous! Your guests will NOT be charged for their drinks, we will run a tab and then the bill will be settled by yourself at the end of the day/evening.
terms would apply here

There is a booking fee of £100 per day (minimum 4hours) which includes a staff member on site.
(outwith Portpatrick area prices may vary slightly to include fuel expenses).

We do require access to a 'mains' power supply for the duration of the booking

We require a minimum of 28 days notice for events requiring alcohol (for non-alcoholic events this does not apply) - this allows us time to acquire an 'occasional alcohol license' from the local council.


Thanks for getting in touch!